How To Ride A Bike

Remember when you learned to ride a bike for the first time?
How would you do it today if you had to learn over again?
You might do the following:
  1. Visit every bike riding forum on the internet you can find.
  2. Buy an ebook on how to ride a bike.
  3. Find videos on how to ride a bike
  4. View a webinar from a bike riding expert.
  5. Attend a life event learning how to ride a bike from expert bike riders.
  6. Buy some special training wheels from the live event that the experts recommend to you.
  7. Buy expensive 1 on 1 coaching from one of the experts who guarantees you’ll learn to ride a bike!
You will feel like you can ride a bike without even having attempted your first pedal!
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Then there’s the fear that strikes you as you attempt your first ride.
You know how to ride it, you’ve learned on your own what to do, how to do it and you should be an expert bike rider now with all the time, money & energy you’ve put into this. But you’re NOT. You still have that feeling of, “oh crap, I wonder if I’m going to fall and hurt myself!”. Sometimes that fear can be paralyzing. Sometimes you won’t even try to pedal the bike for the first time. The thing is you’re missing one key ingredient.
So what is missing? Why can’t you ride a bike yet?
They key ingredient is someone to hold the bike steady while you gain your balance. Someone who can support you while you take your first couple attempts. Someone who can run along beside you and give you some coaching on what to do.
That’s what we do here on
We help you “learn to ride a bike”! The only difference is in this case the “bike” is affiliate/cpa marketing. We know you’ve probably been researching this thing to death. Odds are you’ve bought an ebook or guide or software or coaching or viewed a million Youtube videos or registered for a webinar or two or went to a live event or even bought some personal coaching already. Yet you’re still not making it. There’s a reason. You haven’t joined us yet. It’s that simple.
So what do you get?
Simple answer, everything. You get access to the members only area which has over 95 training modules, over 15 custom coded tools, members only discussion forums with over 180,000 posts and coaching on how become a successful affiliate or cpa marketer. You need someone to help you “ride the bike”. That’s us. We teach you how to fish, we don’t hand you a fish so you can eat for day, we show you how to fish so you can eat forever!
This is new and archived training from several other sites in ONE place
Aff Coach provides all the coaching and training several thousand people have really enjoyed since 2007 in one place. So you get access to the PPC Coach content, the Media Buys Coach content, the Coachazon content and all the brand new content that is constantly being produced. This means training and coaching for the following:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • PPV (Pay Per View)
  • Media Buying
  • Youtube Marketing
  • And New Traffic Generation Training Is Constantly Added…
The goal is simple, give you a one stop destination where you can learn how to make money online by learning ALL traffic sources and tons of methods that will allow you to be here for the long term as an online marketer.
Join now please. It’s not expensive and you’ll end up saving time and money in the long run by having someone help you from the get go.
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What We Can Coach You On
We have guides, videos and a support forum that covers a lot including, but not limited to:
Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Facebook Viral Marketing
Google Adwords Search, Google Adwords Content, SEO
Bing Ads Search, Bing Ads Content, SEO
Youtube Marketing
7search Pay Per Click Ads
Leadimpact PPV/CPV Ads
What People Are Saying…
We have trained over 10,000 people in how to “ride a bike” since 2007.
Testimonial From Mike
I joined affcoach as I have been with ppc coach for a while – ppc coach is way above me but I like nibbling at it; I’m very inexperienced as yet, and at the moment am still reading the stuff. There’s an unbelievable amount of information on affcoach, it’s a real bargain. Also, I can see what the other methods involve, and see which will suit me best. I’m getting into the correct ‘mindset’ now, and hope to get up and running at last. Thanks for providing such a useful source of training, and above all,the motivation which a lot of us need.

Kind Regards
Mike Smith Malton, England.

Testimonial From Todd
As usual, Will has delivered great value and an honest service.

Thank you Will.

Todd LiPira, New Egypt, NJ

Testimonial From Peter
Hello future Affilliate Marketers !

I had a chance to become a beta member of the affcoach forum, and I don’t regret this.

First and the biggest advantage is, that there is a huge amount of tutorials and many of different tools, from a few of other Will’s sites, putted all together in one place. It’s really like a GARAGE of learning stuff and an ARZENAL of good tools.

Second important advantage is PRIVATE 1-on-1 HELP SECTION, where only you and Will see those conversations and you can resolving your issues directly with him, who call we a Coach.

Third important thing is Price. For that price, compared with quality and volume of tutorials, tools, and the chance to get help and support with your campaigns, for that price you won’t get stuff like here nowhere else on all the other payed forums.

I don’t wanna say that this is 100% the best payed forum for Affilliate Marketing on the internet, I believe that others are also quality ones and respected. But this is very cheap and high quality alternative, especcially for those who are just starting out.

So, Load One Bullet And Shoot 3 Birds At Once ! And Win.

by : peterklepec

Testimonial From Daya
I have been a member for last two months and the I enjoy the resources that can access at any time. This includes PPV, PPC, you Tube, article marketing, face book, list building and so on.




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