2 Hidden Pitfalls of CPA Marketing

There are two hidden pitfalls to CPA marketing that you really have to be wary about. One that may surprise you occurs as a result of your CPA network itself. (Yes. You would really think they’d know better!) I’m talking about pop-ups…

The problem arises because many CPA networks use a specific set up that automatically generates pop-ups. The only problem is, if you’re using Google PPC ads, you’ll run into a conflict, as pop-up windows are not allowed as a promotion tool by Google PPC.

There’s a simple fix: Log into your account and disable the pop-ups, using the “Tools” tab.

But what do you do when the pop-up window is right on the Advertiser’s actual landing page itself?

That’s when the good relationship you’re going to have with your CPA Network rep comes in handy. Simply contact her, explain your monetizing your promotion with PPC, and ask for a link without the pop-up box. Usually, this does the trick

And Speaking of Landing Pages…

When you check out an advertiser’s landing page, look hard to see if he has properly targeted for his topic and keywords. After all, there is absolutely no point in you sending him a flood of great, targeted traffic from your end if each and every one of them bails when they hit his poorly-targeted and market-researched landing page.

In fact, this can actually backfire on you. Even if you’re only driving traffic as lead generation, and not actual sales conversions, the advertiser may be likely to blame your promotion for his lack of conversions. And if he isn’t expert enough to target properly for the right traffic, that amateur attitude is going to carry through to not accepting responsibility for his own shortcomings.

The bad part about this? Not only have you invested a lot of time in setting up your perfectly-targeted promotion, but the people you send there will be left feeling anything from vaguely disappointed to irritated. They’re less likely to visit your site again.

Worse, if the advertiser doesn’t realize the lack of actual conversions is his fault – or if he’s busy blaming you – he can request that you be “fired” by your CPA network from his particular campaign. Since CPA networks literally reward affiliates who drive a lot of traffic and achieve lots of great results – with anything from prizes to allowing you to negotiate a higher commission rate – negative feedback from an advertiser may affect you adversely, as far as your worth to the CPA network.

So always check out those advertiser landing pages thoroughly, and watch out for pop-ups, if you’re driving traffic to your carefully-planned promotions with PPC… and you’ll short-circuit and avert two common CPA dangers that many marketers simply don’t know about.

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