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6 Days Left

I’ve been teasing members for quite a while with the new method that is coming out on PPC Coach on May 15th.  Well it’s only 6 days away now and it’s looking awesome.  One of our fine moderators has put together an awesome method for members to use to generate sales to CPA offers of all sorts.  It’s a method that is brilliant in my opinion.

What Is It?

I can’t say exactly what it is yet.  But it’s something that is fully scalable, works well and can be used with everything from zip and email submits to real pay per sale type offers.  It’s something that can generate a TON of traffic on pay per click networks and proves that PPC is NOT dead.  I know a lot of guys selling CPV courses and ebooks want you to believe that PPC is dead, but it’s far from it.  It will be around long after you and I are gone.  It  will evolve though and I think with the merger of Yahoo and MSN on the search marketing side it should provide both advertisers and users with some awesome new services to use.

Which Month Will It Be In?

I think this newest method is going to go in month 3.  I’m working hard to fill up the later months on the site with high quality methods and this one is one of many to come.  I am even considering offering members the ability to pay ahead for the first time ever on the site.  The theory is new members can sign up, pay for the first 3 months at once then be billed monthly for the rest.  This means they’ll get access to the first 3 months all at once.  The only downside, and the reason I”m a bit hesitant to do it, is the information overload factor.  I’ve been doing this for a long time now and there’s always two camps with a monthly drip system.  The newbies love it as it keeps them focused on the tasks at hand and helps with the information overload factor.  The more experienced users don’t like it as much because they want to pick and choose what methods to do from day one.  I’ve been battling members on this for years now and am pretty content with the current model as is.  I think if I ever did release all months at once, it would just be mass confusion since there would be just far too much to digest at once.

Sign Up Or Promote It Now

If you’re not interested in this new technique, (you should be though), then you can always promote it if you like.  We’ve got an the affiliate program located here: PPC Coach Affiliate Program which can pay you weekly or better on the recurring income you’ll be generating. My program is not new, it’s not experimental, it’s a long term and proven site. If you want to send people for some ppc affiliate marketing training, you can’t go wrong with us. So sign up, grab your links and banners and make some easy money with the affiliate program now!

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PPC Coach’s Birthday Is In May & You Get The Present!

That’s right, it’s my birthday in May, I’ll be 35 years old. So instead of you sending me presents, I’m going to give you a big one. For the month of May PPC Coach subscriptions are being sold for $35 per month. Not just the first month, all months. So if you sign up in May, you get a $49.99 subscription for $35.00 instead. That’s a $15 discount off the normal price. But we didn’t just stop at that.

$1 Trial Recurs At $35 Too

Our very popular $1 trial for 14 days recurs at $35 per month too for the month of May! So again, instead of paying $49.99 per month, we knocked $15 off the recurring price of the trial as well. The trial is full access, nothing is held back, no upsells or anything like that. You get full access to our tools, videos, tutorials and the ever growing largest PPC only forums on the internet.

$420 For A Year, That’s $180 Off

$180 off is quite the discount for you. If you choose our yearly option in the month of May, it will only cost you $420.00. That means you’re saving $180.00. You can use that money on your own PPC campaigns and with our training, start making some money online. We didn’t get to be the top ppc affiliate marketing training site by accident. Our methods are constantly updated, our forums are full of awesome members who are more then willing to help you out and myself and my staff are there to help you as well.

If You Don’t Want To Join, You Can Promote Us

If you don’t feel like joining right now, you can always join our affiliate program that pays weekly or better. It’s located here: PPC Coach Affiliate Program. With the discount pricing for the month of May conversions are going to go through the roof, so why not take advantage of one of the most generous 50% recurring, fast paying affiliate programs out there?
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