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spy-toolJust added a new PPV spy tool to the site today. You should check it out. It’s a great way to see what people are doing with PPV traffic. Best part is it’s all part of the membership now. You can enter any url you want and the system will search the database for ads and landing pages attached to that target url. It searches through the archives of all entries from lead impact and traffic vance.

One word of caution with spy tools, don’t just blatantly copy someone elses stuff, make sure you use the tool for brainstorming creative and new angle to use in your own campaigns. That’s who it works best. Let’s say you wanted to see if anyone was targeting, you’d just enter that domain into the tool and a couple seconds later you will see all advertisers, what they’re showing and what their landing pages look like.

That’s pretty powerful stuff! If you’re not amember of Affcoach yet, why not? Join us now and let’s get your profitable with your affiliate marketing campaigns today.

I’ve been getting a couple emails asking this question. The answer is not easy. There’s several things to consider. Do you have any experience making money online? Can you build a webpage? Do you know what CPA stands for? Have you already had some success using one traffic source? All these questions need to be answered first, then we can figure out which site is best for you. Here’s a quick quide though:

This is the site for pure beginners. If you know what a webpage is, but can’t really make one yet, then you should start here as we cover that and a lot more.

If you know how to make a website and are now looking to start buying your traffic on a pay per click basis, then this site is for you. It deals with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter and more.

Another way to buy traffic to send to CPA offers. This site shows you how to use cost per view traffic effectively. It doesn’t involve the same rules as pay per click and is a bit cheaper right now.

This is THE way to generate a high volume of sales and therefore generate a large amount of income fast. We show you how to do media buys online to promote various CPA offers.

For each of the above sites, the second question I get is, “What kind of daily budget is good to start with?”. The answer to that varies too. For, you don’t need any budget as you’re seeking free traffic only. For & you will need a bit of money to get going. You’ll need at least $10 per day and more if possible. For to start you can go small, but once you hit the second month, you’ll need at least $500 to $10,000 to do the buys.

I hope that helps clear up some of the confusion as which site is which and where you should start. Do I recommend joining all the sites at once? NO. You will be overwhelmed with far too much information. has over 100,000 posts in the forums and even attempting to read everyone would take over a year! Pick one, give it at least 3 to 4 months time to work then add in another. That’s who I’d do it. Remember though, these are coaching sites, they’re not courses and they’re not ebooks. We pick up where courses and ebooks leave off. What I mean is, you read a course or ebook and get a bunch of good information, but then when you go to implement what the course or ebook said, you get stuck with some little and some big questions. That’s where we come in. We’re there to help you, answer your questions and get you to taking action as fast as possible. Reading about making money online is one thing but actually doing is a whole different ball game.

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The discount on is almost over. There’s about 5 days left and then the 2 year anniversary is over. It’s been a great 2 years. The forums are a couple ticks away from 100,000 posts now. I remember the first month of running the site still. We had a great group of members, but we only had one technique to show them and very little action on the forums. NOW is a whole other story. The forums are GIGANTIC, we offer OVER 21 methods and techniques and niches and we’re always listening to suggestions.

For example a few members asked for the tracker to be redone and made more user friendly with more features. Well, I listened. I hired a coder to go to work and the beta version of the newest tracking is going into testing mode right now. The tracker already did this:

  • tracks keywords down to the penny for costs and revenue data, showing you what is working and what isn’t
  • allows for very fast campaign creation on all of the big 3 networks
  • turns keywords into unique numbers so networks can’t see your keywords at all
  • allows you to rotate landing pages and offers quickly and easily
  • shows data on epc, roi, profit and loss in table format AND graphically
  • does NOT require any pixels to be placed on any offer page to track stats, works completely independent of pixels
  • allows for easy revenue data upload
  • allows for easy cost data upload for Yahoo and MSN Adcenter
  • has automatic Google Adwords cost data updates nightly

The new features which are being tested include:

  • fully automatic rules based bid management
    • rules are based on:
    • profit or loss
    • roi
    • epc
  • better cost update integration, quicker and faster
  • automatic destination url setup within the adwords account, saving time and setup mistakes

In summary, the newest version of the PPC Coach tracker is bigger, better and more robust then any previous version. It even has it’s own installer package so anyone, (even those with NO script installation expirence), can use it. But the newest tracker is not all. We’ve also added in a new Month 3c technique and are adding a new month 4c technique very very soon. The mini site generator is working beautifully now and will be released shortly too.

So we’ve gone from a tiny site in the first month to a 300 lb gorilla now. We listen to all suggestions, (good or bad) and are the first to admit that we’re not perfect, our site is not perfect, but it’s pretty good for $50 per month, (that’s Canadian funds btw, which is about 45.76 USD at todays exchange rate). We’ve had a ton of success stories too over the years. In fact we have more success stories now then some sites have members!

Anyhow, I’m very proud of PPC Coach and the people who run it are the best in the game. The best thing you can do if you want to learn ppc marketing is sign up right now and get started.


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For those that don’t know, I partnered up with a friend, Carl, and we launched It’s a site that teaches/coaches affiliate marketers in several different ways to do media buys. The reason we launched it is there is high demand for the information, but none is freely available. We’re charging $199.99 per month, but if you can’t make that back more in the first month, then you’re not doing the work. I’ve got a couple questions from people about the site, so I thought I’d answer them here on the blog. Let’s dive in:

Question 1:

Do I need a budget of $5,000 to $10,000 to run a media buy?

The answer is no, you don’t. We show you more then just the traditional way to do media buys. We show ways in the first month that can be done for less then $500. How much you spend is a direct relation to how much you will make, but you can never start out playing with the big boys and their huge budgets. I always say, walk before you run and that includes this site’s required budget and activity.

Question 2:

Why should I listen to you and Carl, what do you guys know about it?

Rest assured we know plenty. I’ve been doing smaller scale buys for years and Carl is producing very large numbers daily now. Between his large production and my coaching experience, it’s a winning combination. Yes you can try to do it on your own, that is certainly an option, but for the price, you’d be silly to take that route. People who are doing big numbers don’t like giving away all their secrets. We don’t care about that. We know that there is plenty of room for everyone, so the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned.

Question 3:

Don’t you run FOUR coaching sites now? Isn’t that pushing it?

Yes I do run 4 coaching sites now and if I feel like it, I’ll open a 5th too. I have great partners and great moderators on every site I run or am in a partnership in. The “coaching empire” is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to do affiliate marketing and I can’t see myself stopping at four. In fact, if anyone has a traffic source that nobody else is using and you want to teach it to the world, let’s partner up. I’ve got the best training system in the world, with my automatic drip feed method, which I created over 2 years ago. I use this method so that members do not get information overload or feel like there’s just too much information, (a common complaint on my PPC Coach site). There is a ton of information and we do our best to organize it to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Question 4:

What do you make of the competing sites cropping up lately, it used to be just you and Wealthy Affiliate?

I love competition. I love it for many reasons, but the main one is it makes the end users quality of coaching and experience better. I have no problem competing with any site out there. My sites have stood the test of time. Some competitors have come and gone over the years for my PPC Coach site, but it’s still thriving. I get emails all the time about new sites attempting to bash me or my sites, that’s ok with me. You can’t please everyone not matter how hard you try. I use any negative comments I hear or read about my sites and make sure I fix the issue, if there really is one. Usually it’s some bash marketing tactic that they’re using. Not my cup of tea but to each his own I suppose.

One thing I’ll never do is bash any competitor. It’s not my style. I learned that lesson when 2 of the moderators on one of my sites left and created a site to compete with mine. At first I was angry and reacted stupidly because I felt they were sneaking around behind my back and then poaching my members. Then I realized that was silly. There’s no need to say negative things about others or make up lies about them in order to further your own business, it’s just not a viable way to react or be long term. The good part about being a human is we can learn from our mistakes. I learned from mine and now I totally embrace competition as it’s good for everyone. We don’t want another Google on our hands in any industry!

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for today, if you have a question email me, ppccoach At gmail Dot Com, I’ll be happy to try to answer them in a future post.


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I posted this on the blog, but thought I’d post it here too just in case you have no clue wtf wotogepa is.  (it’s the CPA network I co-own with a buddy of mine btw).  Anyway, here’s the post:

A lot of affiliates ask us all the time, “How do I promote that offer?”.  We’ve answered that question in the form of 2 youtube videos.  These are free for you to view and use.  I decided to put together a couple videos, showing you everything step by step.  In this case I used to buy banner space and sent all the traffic right through the offer link to the offer itself.  I chose to run a $1.30 paying email submit from Maybelline for UK traffic only.  Anyhow, the videos show you everything and are a prelude to the LIVE webinar we’ll be hosting next Tuesday August 25th, 2009 at 9:00 pm EST.  In that webinar, we’ll be showing you how to promote a different offer using a different banner network.

Here’s the videos, (in High Definition of course):

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Feel free to share these with anyone you like and we hope you’ll push some traffic to us using this method.  However, if you don’t use us, at least you’ll now know of another way to promote CPA offers successfully and that’s cool with us too.  We’ll send you an invite to the webinar in a couple days.  Meantime, have a look at the videos and if you have any questions, let us know on our forums or ask your affiliate manager.

Welcome to the new blog.  I’ll be using this as a “hub” for my coaching sites.  I run 3 now, one for free traffic, one for pay per click and one for cost per view.  The main site is at the moment.  It’ s been around almost 2 years now as of this post.  Through that site alone I’ve trained over 3,000 people in the art and science of pay per click affiliate marketing.  I owe PPC Coach for the creation of my CPA network, as well.  The money is great, but I honestly get more satisfaction out of helping people go from $0.00 per day to hundreds and even thousands per day in profits.  Each site approaches affiliate marketing from a different angle.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

This stands for affiliate free traffic coach and is where I teach/coach people on how to generate traffic for CPA and other affiliate marketing efforts.  You don’t need to pay for your traffic with this site and training.  That’s why it’s listed as “beginners”.  I stumbled onto all my free traffic knowledge through my PPC efforts.  Now that Adwords pretty much forces you to do SEO work on every campaign you launch with them. follows the same format as my other 2 coaching sites in that it’s not a course or ebook, instead it’s a coaching site where you have to ask your questions and use the resources or it won’t be worth your money.

This is my baby.  I launched back in September of 2007 because I was getting very burnt out on helping people 1on1.  I found that I was answering the same questions over and over and over again for every person I coached.  This got tiring, so I needed a solution, the solution was a group format where people can get help from and other successful ppc marketers in one place.  The site has grown steadily over the years and provides not only up to date advice, but tools that you would pay hundreds and even thousands for elsewhere.  I pride myself on this site in giving back 100% of my commission on any 3rd party tool I recomend to members.  Nobody else does that.  It’s still the best place to learn pay per click affiliate marketing.  Several competitors have tried to copy it, but they can’t.  It will always be the number one pay per click resource.

This is a smaller site, but it teaches a method that is a bit controversial.  Instead of paying per click, you pay for every impression of your ad.  This can be tricky to manage successfully if you’re not careful or don’t know what you’re doing.  The site was launched to show poeple yet another way to generate traffic.  It’s smaller then PPC Coach but still is full of awesome information and tools.  It’s meant for more advanced marketers because you could lose your shirt in a hurry if you’re not careful.

This is my CPA network that I own with a partner.  We launched it because we were sending our members out to every other CPA network to find offers to promote.  We figured we can do that too and the network was launched.  It stands for “Work to Get Paid”, which is pretty much the mantra of all my coaching sites.  You cannot just do 10 minutes of work a day and make millions online.  I know the “gurus” out there make promises like this all the time but it’s just pure crap.  If you want to succeed  you have to do the work.  If you don’t want to do the work, then I can’t help, nor can anyone else.

Well that’s me and my sites.  Hope to see you on the inside of at least one.  Unlike other coaching sites, I’m pretty active on the forums and I respond to all help desk tickets within 24 hours on average.

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Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, 7search, Leadimpact, Traffic Vance, Adonetwork, Media Traffic or any other sites we train people on in anyway. We train people on how to use them, but they in no way endorse us and we are NOT affiliated with them in anyway. We are NOT a get rich quick site. We do not promise you $10,000 a week from home with only 2 hours of work a day. What we offer is clear. We offer you coaching & mentoring on how do to long term online marketing correctly and legitimately. You will not find any exaggerated income claims on this site. All information provided is 100% accurate. There is risk involved in doing any marketing and you need to know that any money you invest into your own online marketing campaigns can be lost. If you think you can work at home while working 1 hour per day, you're wrong. We also offer a $1 trial for 14 days that DOES convert to a real, full membership at day 15. If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at anytime without contacting us. If you joined via paypal, simply login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription at anytime. If you do not cancel in time, just email and we will make sure you get a refund. We are not out to screw anyone over. We have a been around since September of 2007 and have trained well over 10,500 marketers since then.