Frequent Asked Questions

If you have any questions, it might be answered already below. If it isn’t and you think we should add your question here, please contact us and let us know. You can also search the faq section just by typing in your keyword and clicking the “Search” button below.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing options are all available on the “Join” page. There are several options available including discounts for purchasing longer term subscriptions. The price is a monthly subscription that will cost $67 per month. (The beta members get a 50% off discount though).

Do You Show Up To Date Methods & Traffic Sources?

YES. Absolutely we do. One of our primary objectives is to be the most up to date training/coaching/mentoring site out there. We will be constantly adding new content to our site every month at minimum.

Do We Get Access To Your Others Sites?

I have included the forum posts and training from the other sites into this one but the other sites are still running. That puts the total forum posts well over 179,000 and counting. So you have a lot to do when you join. (That’s not even counting all the new content and training you get). At the writing of this FAQ answer there were 100 training modules and 17 custom coded tools available to you. You get over 6 years of content plus all the new stuff we’re coming out with constantly to stay on top of the ever changing online marketing world.

How Many CPA/Affiliate Marketers Have You Trained?

I have trained over 10,500 people since I launched my first training site back in September of 2007. 9,400+ are in the 5 sites combined into Aff Coach, but there are other sites that I run and have owned in the past that I didn’t include. So that’s where the extra 1,000+ affiliates come from, (I know people will call me on the math and I don’t blame them!) I have had many competitors come along and mimic my business model. That’s ok though because it makes it better for YOU the end user. This site is a showcase of all my past, present and future training methods, content and coaching. It’s been about 5 years in the making, (you could say).

Do We Get Access To Your CPA Network With Our Membership?

YES! As a member you get access to the Max EPC Network, (my CPA network). It has a lot of offers that you can run right away utilizing the training you get in the site. No other site has it’s own CPA network filled with offers to provide you. We do because we’re different and want you to be able to get up and running quickly. To apply go here: Max EPC Network Affiliate Sign Up Page.


Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, 7search, Leadimpact, Traffic Vance, Adonetwork, Media Traffic or any other sites we train people on in anyway. We train people on how to use them, but they in no way endorse us and we are NOT affiliated with them in anyway. We are NOT a get rich quick site. We do not promise you $10,000 a week from home with only 2 hours of work a day. What we offer is clear. We offer you coaching & mentoring on how do to long term online marketing correctly and legitimately. You will not find any exaggerated income claims on this site. All information provided is 100% accurate. There is risk involved in doing any marketing and you need to know that any money you invest into your own online marketing campaigns can be lost. If you think you can work at home while working 1 hour per day, you're wrong. We also offer a $1 trial for 14 days that DOES convert to a real, full membership at day 15. If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at anytime without contacting us. If you joined via paypal, simply login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription at anytime. If you do not cancel in time, just email and we will make sure you get a refund. We are not out to screw anyone over. We have a been around since September of 2007 and have trained well over 10,500 marketers since then.