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Our goal is simple, help you master affiliate/CPA marketing by putting the power of 5 coaching sites under one roof! This makes us THE largest training & coaching site out there. We have over 179,000 posts on the members only forums from 9,400 members over the years and the site has 92 training modules with 14 custom coded tools for you. We want beginners here & love to help newbies, we even have our own CPA network that you can join. Check out this short intro video…
What Do You Get?
Short Answer, Everything & More! We train you and coach you. We’re your mentor.
You get access to over 6 years of training, coaching, tools, questions and answers from the following sites under this one roof. PLUS all the new content, training & tools from the new AffCoach site too. The word “outdated” is a dirty word around here. Everything we show works and works well. We have archived the following sites so that you can view them all in one place. Just because we use the term “archive” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anymore. It all works and combining the old with the new makes Aff Coach powerful.
Here are the sites rolled into this new one:
  • PPC-Coach.com
  • MediaBuysCoach.com
  • UltimateIM.com
  • Coachazon.com
  • PPVCoach.com*
PPVCoach.com content was sold to another site so it is not part of the Aff Coach archives however new PPV training is being added.
You need to think more long term then simply relying on one single traffic source to really make it long term. This means you should be learning the individual ones, but you should then COMBINE their power to send a lot of traffic wherever you want. Here’s a prime example. Back in the day, Google Adwords let affiliates run rampant on their network. Until one day they got fed up with them. A few bad apples absolutely RUINED IT for everyone else. Google Adwords decided to simpley SHUT DOWN AND BAN all affiliate marketer accounts with them. My own account got zapped in the process, (I have since got it back but that’s another story for another day). So they banned over 10,000 affiliate marketer accounts. People who were doing hundreds to thousands per day in profits found themselves stunned that their income was now GONE.Don’t ever let yourself fall into that trap.
That’s what this site is all about.
Aff Coach shows you ALL traffic sources and ALL ways to promote CPA offers, affiliate offers, produce leads to sell and even how to promote your own products and services if you really wanted. We are covering EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN SINK!
A little history first.
Back in 2007 I started a site called PPC Coach. It is still running today, but it only shows how to do pay per click traffic. It is still chalk full of awesome training and coaching but it’s a specialized site.
Then in 2008 I opened a site called PPV Coach, this was later renamed CPV Coach and eventually rolled into another site which I sold my share of so I can’t use the posts from that private forum. However new PPV training is being added to Aff Coach now instead! On this site I trained and coached people in how to do PPV traffic, (aka CPV traffic). THis site ONLY showed that traffic type.
In 2009 I opened up Media Buys Coach with one of my most successful members from PPC Coach. Carl taught me a ton about media buying and the site is still running too, but it specializes in Media Buying traffic.
In 2011 I decided to show how to make money as an amazon affiliate and opened up Coachazon.com. It’s a great way to utlize Amazon which is the biggest marketplace in the world!
I have also partnered with some huge CPA marketers like Kenster and Chad Hamzeh on two sites and showed how to make money with those.However my problem was this: showing all the individual traffic sources on individual sites was not effective when someone would ask me about media buying on the ppc coach site or ppv marketing or amazon marketing. I would have to refer them to the site that covered that. I thought about that and it’s come up time and time again over the years, (I’ve trained almost 11,000 cpa/affiliate marketers so far), but I never had a solution.Until today. I have decided to open up Aff Coach to not only keep up to date on the latest and greatest methods and traffic sources BUT to provide a place where the training and forum posts from all my other sites could be utilized by any member. This meant putting it all together in one place, Aff Coach was born.
So what to you get?
Simple answer, everything. Aff Coach provides all the coaching and training several thousand people have really enjoyed since 2007 in one place. So you get access to the PPC Coach content, the Media Buys Coach content, the Coachazon content and all the brand new content that is constantly being produced. This means training and coaching for the following:
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • PPV (Pay Per View)
  • Media Buying
  • Youtube Marketing
  • And New Traffic Generation Training Is Constantly Added…
The goal is simple, give you a one stop destination where you can learn how to make money online by learning ALL traffic sources and tons of methods that will allow you to be here for the long term as an online marketer.
Join now please. :)

Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, 7search, Leadimpact, Traffic Vance, Adonetwork, Media Traffic or any other sites we train people on in anyway. We train people on how to use them, but they in no way endorse us and we are NOT affiliated with them in anyway. We are NOT a get rich quick site. We do not promise you $10,000 a week from home with only 2 hours of work a day. What we offer is clear. We offer you coaching & mentoring on how do to long term online marketing correctly and legitimately. You will not find any exaggerated income claims on this site. All information provided is 100% accurate. There is risk involved in doing any marketing and you need to know that any money you invest into your own online marketing campaigns can be lost. If you think you can work at home while working 1 hour per day, you're wrong. We also offer a $1 trial for 14 days that DOES convert to a real, full membership at day 15. If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at anytime without contacting us. If you joined via paypal, simply login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription at anytime. If you do not cancel in time, just email and we will make sure you get a refund. We are not out to screw anyone over. We have a been around since September of 2007 and have trained well over 10,500 marketers since then.