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Launch Date

DATE: October 25th, 2013 to October 28th, 2013


TIME: 2:00 pm EST


Will Haimerl

Price & Commission

Price Points

This is a subscription site with the following options:


  • 1 year $362 which is 55% off the normal $804 for an annual subscription

  • 6 months $201 which is 50% off the normal $402 for a 6 month subcription

  • 3 months $103 which is 45% off the normal $187 for a 3 month subscription

  • monthly $40 which is 40% off the normal $67 for a monthly subscription

  • trial $1 for 14 days which recurs at the full $67 per month

The longer they stay on, the more YOU make, average stay on my sites is 8 months on the monthly subscription plan.



This is NOT your normal commission program we CONTINUALLY PAY YOU. Here’s some examples:


  • sell a 1 year subscription, get $180.90 commission every 365 days recurring

  • sell a 6 month subscription, get $100.50 commission every 6 months recurring

  • sell a 3 month subscription, get $51.43 commission every 3 months recurring

  • sell a monthly subscription, get $20.10 commission every month recurring

  • sell a trial subscription, get $0.50 then $33.50 per month! every month recurring

The push should be to the yearly option as it saves them 55% off the normal rate and is a wicked deal.


All subscriptions RECUR too. So you get paid everytime they pay a subscription fee, NOT one time. This is huge.

Launch & Roll Out Schedule

  • October 24th, 2013 – Pre Mail

  • October 25th, 2013 – Launch Opens At 2:00 pm est

  • October 26th, 2013 – Mail Again

  • October 27th, 2013 – Mail Again

  • October 28th, 2013 – Closing Day

JV Contest*

  • 1st – $2,500 Cash

  • 2nd – $1,000 Cash

  • 3rd – $750 Cash

  • 4th – $500 Cash

  • 5th – $250 Cash

  • First To 100 Sales – $500

  • Best Bonus – $500

Does My Stuff Convert?

Yes it does. I did a beta launch on Warriorforum.com already. I had 2532 views of the sales thread and 204 sign ups to the site. That’s an 8.05% conversion rate on COLD traffic. Here’s the screenshots:




And the sales, (these recur monthly):




So with a very simple beta member offer, (50% off the normal rate), for a short time, I created a $82,410 income stream. I want to add a zero to the end of that number and give you HALF.

Wait a minute, have actually paid out commissions?

Why yes I have, this is a screenshot of the total commissions paid out on one of my membership sites, PPC-Coach.com:



Do I Recip?

Yes I do on relevant products. I never used to and my list is large and ready for me to promote for you.


Let’s Recap

Affcoach.com is over 6 years in the making. It combines FIVE membership sites into ONE big ass, gigantic one. I’ve coached and trained over 10,500 affiliate marketers since 2007. Hell I practically PIONEERED the membership site coaching model that ALOT of competitors use. There’s tools, training, archives and NEW tools, NEW training and more in the site right now. This works. I’m good at it and I want to pay you.

  • Huge JV Contest

  • Awesome Product

  • High Converting Funnel

  • Recips For Relevant Launches


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Launch Date


* Minimum Sales of 15 Yearly Subscriptions Required To Be Eligible For 1st Place Cash Prize. 10 Yearly for 2nd. 8 Yearly for 3rd, 6 Yearly for 4th and 4 Yearly for 5th


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Disclaimer: We are NOT affiliated with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, 7search, Leadimpact, Traffic Vance, Adonetwork, Media Traffic or any other sites we train people on in anyway. We train people on how to use them, but they in no way endorse us and we are NOT affiliated with them in anyway. We are NOT a get rich quick site. We do not promise you $10,000 a week from home with only 2 hours of work a day. What we offer is clear. We offer you coaching & mentoring on how do to long term online marketing correctly and legitimately. You will not find any exaggerated income claims on this site. All information provided is 100% accurate. There is risk involved in doing any marketing and you need to know that any money you invest into your own online marketing campaigns can be lost. If you think you can work at home while working 1 hour per day, you're wrong. We also offer a $1 trial for 14 days that DOES convert to a real, full membership at day 15. If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at anytime without contacting us. If you joined via paypal, simply login to your paypal account and cancel the subscription at anytime. If you do not cancel in time, just email and we will make sure you get a refund. We are not out to screw anyone over. We have a been around since September of 2007 and have trained well over 10,500 marketers since then.