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Day 1 Email October 25th:

A friend of mine is launching his site at 2:00 pm est today.

Check it out here:


He’s also allowing me to give away a neat Intro To CPA Marketing Guide to you, grab your copy here:



The guide is a 50+ page guide, it’s a freebie to give to your list from me.

You can link to it here and set it up so you get cookied through the affiliate system using this link in the aff dashboard


Want to see how to use it? I did youtube video showing how:

Day 2 Email: October 26th, 2013


Did you download the free Intro To CPA Marketing Guide I sent yesterday?

If not here it is:



Day 3 Email: October 27th, 2013

Hi Again,

Wow I’m blown away by the response so far! I didn’t know this site would be so popular. I knew he had a great idea when he put 5 of his sites under one roof, but he just told me he’s working on yet another NEW TOOL for you guys too. It’s a Facebook Ad Image Generator. It’s going to take an image, (you tell it which one), and pump out a lot of variations in seconds. This thing is going to save a TON of time in your campaigns.

Anyhow, he’s got it rolling out this week to all members of the site AND he’s got even more in the pipeline for members.

Check it out!

<<< AFF LINK >>>


Day 4 Email: October 28th, 2013


When I first started trying to figure out how to make money online, I struggled just like you. I realized finally that I was looking for a place to go to find people who were going through what I was.

Well I have now:

<<< AFF LINK >>>

Have you ever tried to talk to your family or friends about online marketing?

Do you see their eyes glaze over as they wished they didn’t ask you what you were doing online?

Not anymore. This place is where tons of like minded individuals go to “talk shop”.

Go now before Will shuts down the grand opening discounts!

<<< AFF LINK >>>



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