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Welcome to the new blog.  I’ll be using this as a “hub” for my coaching sites.  I run 3 now, one for free traffic, one for pay per click and one for cost per view.  The main site is PPC-Coach.com at the moment.  It’ s been around almost 2 years now as of this post.  Through that site alone I’ve trained over 3,000 people in the art and science of pay per click affiliate marketing.  I owe PPC Coach for the creation of my CPA network, Wotogepa.com as well.  The money is great, but I honestly get more satisfaction out of helping people go from $0.00 per day to hundreds and even thousands per day in profits.  Each site approaches affiliate marketing from a different angle.  Here’s a quick breakdown:


This stands for affiliate free traffic coach and is where I teach/coach people on how to generate traffic for CPA and other affiliate marketing efforts.  You don’t need to pay for your traffic with this site and training.  That’s why it’s listed as “beginners”.  I stumbled onto all my free traffic knowledge through my PPC efforts.  Now that Adwords pretty much forces you to do SEO work on every campaign you launch with them.  AFTCoach.com follows the same format as my other 2 coaching sites in that it’s not a course or ebook, instead it’s a coaching site where you have to ask your questions and use the resources or it won’t be worth your money.

This is my baby.  I launched PPC-Coach.com back in September of 2007 because I was getting very burnt out on helping people 1on1.  I found that I was answering the same questions over and over and over again for every person I coached.  This got tiring, so I needed a solution, the solution was a group format where people can get help from and other successful ppc marketers in one place.  The site has grown steadily over the years and provides not only up to date advice, but tools that you would pay hundreds and even thousands for elsewhere.  I pride myself on this site in giving back 100% of my commission on any 3rd party tool I recomend to members.  Nobody else does that.  It’s still the best place to learn pay per click affiliate marketing.  Several competitors have tried to copy it, but they can’t.  It will always be the number one pay per click resource.


This is a smaller site, but it teaches a method that is a bit controversial.  Instead of paying per click, you pay for every impression of your ad.  This can be tricky to manage successfully if you’re not careful or don’t know what you’re doing.  The site was launched to show poeple yet another way to generate traffic.  It’s smaller then PPC Coach but still is full of awesome information and tools.  It’s meant for more advanced marketers because you could lose your shirt in a hurry if you’re not careful.


This is my CPA network that I own with a partner.  We launched it because we were sending our members out to every other CPA network to find offers to promote.  We figured we can do that too and the network was launched.  It stands for “Work to Get Paid”, which is pretty much the mantra of all my coaching sites.  You cannot just do 10 minutes of work a day and make millions online.  I know the “gurus” out there make promises like this all the time but it’s just pure crap.  If you want to succeed  you have to do the work.  If you don’t want to do the work, then I can’t help, nor can anyone else.

Well that’s me and my sites.  Hope to see you on the inside of at least one.  Unlike other coaching sites, I’m pretty active on the forums and I respond to all help desk tickets within 24 hours on average.

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